A Life On Fire Ministry was conceived on the premise of creating an online ministry offering Bible study and Christian resources, due to Ryan’s tent making operation as a web developer in Izumo, Japan. However, when looking for an office space to expand his business into other directions, he was lead to a building which was twice as big as he actually needed. The building itself was about one third the cost of smaller offices spaces in the area, in a central location near some of the most popular stores and malls and on the main road through town. The building however needed a lot of work. Seeing this as a great opportunity to offer local ministry, A Life On Fire went from the concept of online ministry to both online and local physical ministry.

A Life On Fire is now in the process of renovating the building to offer Ignite Izumo, a Christian library and ministry space which will offer study space every day of the week, Bible and discipleship studies, weekly services and guest speakers to serve the Izumo area by sharing the Gospel.

Ignite Izumo

This renovation is a large project scheduled for completion by July, 2017 and while roughly 70% of the funding is coming from the tent making operation, the completion of the project will only be made possible by God working through those who have generously donated their time, financial and personal resources in helping us.

Our Staff Members

Ryan Russell

I’m animated by the conviction that Christianity and Christian values, if properly understood and properly articulated, can pass the test in the marketplace of ideas. The truth is on our...